What is Players 1st?

Players 1st is the leading player experience platform designed to help your club retain and recruit players. Start a free trial to experience our features firsthand, including player survey tools and an all-in-one dashboard that gives you the overview you need.

Players 1st is working in partnership with England Golf.


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Subscription plans

Players 1st offers preferential rates to all EG affiliated golf clubs. After your trial ends you can choose between the following subscription types: 



After your trial ends you can start a 12 month subscription,
which includes all four surveys:

  • Member surveys
  • Visitor surveys
  • New member/entrance surveys
  • Exit surveys


£850 / year



After your trial ends you can start a 12 month subscription for one or more of the following surveys: 

  • Member surveys                                         £ 425 / year
  • Visitor surveys                                             £ 255 / year
  • New member/entrance surveys                £ 128 / year
  • Exit surveys                                                    £ 43 / year


Please note: Exit surveys cannot be done as one-off surveys.