Frequently Asked Questions


Data collection



How often are the guest surveys send out?

Guest surveys are sent out daily. Either 24 or 48 hours after booked tee-time depending on your preferences. 

What is intelligent data collection?

Intelligent data collection has a built-in-four-week quarantine for all players. The quarantine ensures that a player will not receive more than one questionnaire from a given course more than once a month if played more than once. This is done in order to maintain a high answering rate across all courses by avoiding spam. 

Is it possible to integrate incentives into the surveys?

Yes. You can create your own incentives directly in the invitation letter. The platform will also help you with drawing random winners. 


Tee-sheet integration



How does Players 1st integrate with my tee-sheet platform?

In order to create the most efficient survey platform on the market, Players 1st has integrated with the market leaders in tee-time bookings. When signing up, simply choose your tee-time platform and the surveys will automatically sync and send out. 

What if my tee-sheet platform is not on the integration list?

If we don't already have your tee-sheet platform listed, our team will contact the provider in order to set up an integration.

Meanwhile, our support team will guide you through our manual tee-sheet upload module.  

Is it possible to include my own questions in the surveys?

Yes. It is possible to include up to five of your own questions into the standard questionnaires. 





Is it possible to benchmark my results with other clubs?

Players 1st is an open community with multiple benchmark opportunities. All subscriptions come with standard geographical benchmarks. 

It is also possible to create your own benchmarks comparing specific clubs in benchmark groups with at least three clubs of your choice.