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Players 1st is the leading player experience platform designed to help your club retain and recruit players. We want to empower your organization – from greenkeeper to front desk.

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Find the plan that fits your club.
We offer three different packages and
a collection of additional add-ons. 




$ 79 / month *

Our Guest Experience Package is recommended for public courses. Get feedback from every visitor that leaves your course through our automatic surveys. The results are displayed in real-time on your dashboard, giving you the opportunity to make instant improvements. 

Key features include: 

  • Automatic surveys (5-8 minutes to complete)

  • Instant feedback

  • Automated data collection

  • Immediate call-to-action

  • Advanced no-spam algorithm

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Get an overview of all features here: Feature List

* Billed monthly. Discounts may apply depending on which tee time booking platform you are using.




$ 149 / month *

Our Member Experience Package is recommended for private clubs. Reach every club member and ensure experience is matching expectation. The dashboard crunches data, enabling you to explore the feedback and get hands-on-tools and call-to-action lists. 

Key features include: 

  • Ad hoc surveys (12-15 minutes to complete)

  • Complete member journey

  • Guaranteed member anonymity

  • Advanced analytical recommendations

  • Country club specifics (spa, fitness, tennis etc.)

Need more information?
Get an overview of all features here: Feature List

* Billed annually. Discounts may apply depending on which tee time booking platform you are using.


Are you a multi-course operator? 
We can easily customize a pricing plan to fit your exact needs. 
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Are you a semi-private club? 

Get a discounted price when you try our combined package, which is trusted by some of the world's biggest clubs.

$ 199 / month

Billed monthly. Discounts may apply depending on which
tee time booking platform you are using in your club.


Let's grow together

You can easily modify your plan as you scale or as your business needs change. We offer a range of add-ons and extra features, and you only pay for the ones you need. 

Some popular add-ons include:

Custom benchmarking
Evaluate your club against competition.

Custom surveys
Design additional questions and add them to your surveys. 

Post-event surveys
Schedule a follow-up with guests whenever you
host a corporate or special event. 

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Download our free e-book

This is for you, the golf club owners, managers, staff and otherwise interested parties in the golf industry.

The purpose of this e-book is to inspire and guide our current and potential users to create great experiences for golfers around the world.






Start basing your future plans
on real-time feedback.
Let’s take a closer look.

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A club member or guest
attends the golf club.


The system automatically sends a survey.

Player hand.png

The player answers
the online survey.


The results are available for analysis in the dashboard.


Let your players
air out their issues.

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Players get a high-quality survey experience with questions that are relevant to the golfing encounter itself. This is a unique chance to directly influence the club and the future of the game. 

The surveys run on all platforms, which makes the experience both flexible and efficient. 

Players' loyalty is ensured with this clear connection between their responses and the subsequent changes in the club. 


Let their insights
guide your business.

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As a golf club you get the chance to identify key areas of improvement as you learn first-hand your players' overall views of your club.

The dashboard includes group results based on demographics such as gender, age, HCP and seniority at the club, as well as benchmark comparisons. You get a chance to improve the retention rate for new members, not to mention focus on high-handicap groups most likely to leave the club. 

Explore the full feature list or watch
our dashboard introduction video to learn more.


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Find more answers in our FAQ section. 


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Whether you're a new customer or already using Players 1st, we want to make sure you feel welcome and taken care of.  


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Grow the game!

With so many forms of entertainment competing for our attention spans, we feel as an industry golf has to be better at retaining current members and recruiting new fans.

The key is to put players first, listen to their feedback, and adapt services to their needs. Satisfied golfers will not only help clubs increase revenue, but they’ll help us all continue to grow the game around the world.


We are Players 1st
Players 1st was created by golfers for golfers, and with our combined passion for golf and expertise in customer experience management, we make the ideal partner. We understand the challenges facing your club - from meeting the needs of employees and volunteers, to dealing with rapidly changing patterns in player behavior. We want to work together with the industry to help improve the game of golf at all levels.  


We are part of a global community
We’re a global community, and we’re growing fast. Our vision is a world consumed by a love of this amazing game. With clubs joining from the coldest norths of Finland to the warmest souths of Arizona, we are growing our community of fellow golf experience ambassadors; all with the same vision of growing the game. Players 1st is an open community where not only players, but clubs and federations share input and ideas with one another. 

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On Twitter we are always ready to answer questions and participate in the conversation about golf. 


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Players 1st is trusted by industry leaders

"We have found the Players 1st platform to be extremely valuable in helping our facilities monitor, assess and take action to continually enhance the overall guest experience we offer."

– David Goff, Sr. VP Operations, OB Sports Golf Management


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