Players 1st support videos


001. Manual upload of participants

Learn how to send out member surveys in your dashboard.


002. Configuring prizes and incentives

See how to increase your response rates by offering prizes for completing surveys.  Use the dashboard to draw prize winners and manage the redemption process.


003. Dashboard navigation overview

In this video we explore how to navigate around the dashboard home page.


004. Adding, editing and deleting users

The User Administration panel allows Administrators the ability to add, edit and delete users from the system.  See how its done in this quick video.


005. Players 1st promo


006. Sending a manual guest invitation

Manually sending a Guest Survey invitation can be done using Settings and selecting the Manual Upload of Participants command.  This allows you to enter the recipient's email address and specify the date of play. 

Note that the quarantine rules are applied to the email address - if an invitation was sent to the email address within the past two months, the invitation will not be sen


007. Configuring email notifications

Email notifications provide real time updates when surveys are submitted, allowing you to stay on top of your player feedback without having to log in to the desktop. 
This video shows how to set up your profile filters to subscribe to different types of survey notifications.


008. Configuring Survey Filters

Survey Filters utilize the booking categories in your tee sheet to allow you to precisely control who receives survey invitations. By default, all booking categories are enabled, but you can disable a category by deleting it from the list as shown in this video. Note that this feature is tee sheet dependent and may not be available for all tee sheets.