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With so many forms of entertainment competing for our attention spans, we feel as an industry golf has to be better at retaining current members and recruiting new fans. The key is to put players first, listen to their feedback, and adapt services to their needs. Satisfied golfers will not only help clubs increase revenue, but they’ll help us all continue to grow the game around the world


We are Players 1st
Players 1st is created by golfers for golfers, and our combined passion for golf, and expertise within customer experience management make us the ideal partner. We understand the challenges facing your club - from meeting the needs of employees and volunteers, to dealing with rapidly changing patterns in player behavior. We want to work together with the industry to help improve the game of golf at all levels.  


We are part of a global community
We’re a global community, and we’re growing fast. Our vision is a world consumed by a love of this amazing game. With clubs joining from the coldest north in Finland to warmest south in Arizona we are growing our community of fellow golf experience ambassadors. All with the same vision of growing the game. Players 1st is an open community where not only players, but clubs and federations share input and ideas with each other. 

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